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OPEN HOUSES Spring & Summer 2017
Join us in an informal colloquium to meet our
faculty and learn about our training programs.
36 West 25th Street, 10th floor
Wednesday, 8pm, April 12th & August 9th
Thursday, 8pm, June 1st

*Each 2-hour Introductory Event is eligible for 2 CEUs in Social Work,
Mental Health Counseling, Creative Arts Therapy, and Psychoanalysis

Introductory Gestalt Experience
Wednesday, 8pm, April 19th & August 16th
Thursday, 8pm, June 8th

This is a one-time experiential workshop for individuals interested in Gestalt Therapy. The evening will include a brief explanation of some of the main concepts in Gestalt Therapy and an experiential portion using guided imagery and body awareness.
Fee: $10

Gestalt Interactive Group Therapy Workshop
Wednesday, 8pm, June 14th

This workshop offers an opportunity to experience yourself within an interactive group environment. You will be guided to explore your own experience in the moment, respond to others, and give and receive feedback as we discuss some of the basics of Gestalt Therapy.
Fee: $10

Introduction to Dreamwork
Wednesdays, 8pm, April 26th & August 23rd

The evening will include a brief explanation of the Gestalt approach to dreamwork, and an opportunity to explore actual dream material in a group process format. Bring a dream of your own, or simply come to be part of a supportive and powerful group experience as others encounter dream images and discover the "existential message" of their dreams.
Fee: $10

This Friday evening lecture series brings presenters from a wide range of expertise and areas of specialty. They help us focus on treatment issues, new ideas, and alternative ways of working, and offer us a network we can reach out to for information, insight, and support.
*Unless otherwise indicated, All Workshops and Courses are eligible for Social Work CEUs. If indicated, Courses are also eligible for Licensed Mental Health Counseling, Psychoanalysis, and Creative Arts Therapy Continuing Education*

Target 101:
Show Me the Money: How Financial Transference and Countertransference Limit Authenticity and Intimacy in Therapy
Kachina Meyers, LCSW, ACSW
Friday, February 3, 2017

Target 102:
What Every Therapist Should Know about Autism: Supporting Neurodiverse Families through the Power of Relationship

Jack Worthy, MA, LMHC
Friday, April 28, 2017

Target 103: Using Poetry and Metaphor to Deepen the Therapeutic Experience
Jessica Greenbaum, LMSW
Friday, June 9, 2017

*This workshop is not eligible for CEUs.

A $25 donation helps fund our low-fee community Mental Health Clinic.
All lectures are held at: 36 West 25th Street@Broadway & 6th Avenue, 10th floor,
6:15-8:15 p.m.
Please RSVP at 212-689-7740 or email Thank you.

Workshops and seminars are held at 36 West 25th Street unless otherwise indicated. Registration and Information: 212-689-7740 or
*All Workshops and Courses are eligible for Social Work CEUs. If indicated, Courses are also eligible for Licensed Mental Health Counseling, Psychoanalysis, and Creative Arts Therapy Continuing Education*

Gestalt Therapy: Basic Concepts and Interventions
with Susan Jurkowski, LCSW, CGP, LP
Fridays, 3:45pm - 6:00pm, 4-week series, 9 CE hours:
May 19th Series: May 19; June 2, 9, 16
September 22
nd Series, TBA
In this introductory class, we will experience and discuss the major concepts and interventions of Gestalt therapy, highlighting the importance of the dialogic therapist/client relationship, awareness, body cues and breathing, imagery, paradox, polarities, and the use of chairwork,
dreamwork and group work.
Fee for each 4-week series: $265
9 CEUs for each 4-week series (eligible for Continuing Education for LP, MHC & CAT)
To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Couples and Family: A Gestalt/ Systems Perspective and Toolbox
with Susan Friedberg, LCSW, LP
3 Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm, 15 CE hours
October 14 & 28; & November 11, 2017
This course will address couples and family psychotherapy from a Gestalt/Systems perspective. We will look at different schools of family work and their varying theoretical underpinnings. The focus will be a toolbox of effective ways of working with couples
and families using an experiential approach. We will study tapes, use role play, demonstrate various techniques and offer supervision of cases.
Fee: $450
15 CEUs
To register: To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Saturday Dreamwork Seminars
with Susan Jurkowski, LCSW, CGP, LP

Saturdays, 1 - 6:15pm, 5 CE hours for each 5-hour seminar
January 7; May 13; or August 26, 2017
Fritz Perls saw the images in a dream as potential projected parts of the dreamer, and the dream as an "existential message" about the dreamer's current way of living in the world. Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak sees dream images and processes as 'other,' and works to embody these dream others in a physical 'memory theatre' experience which can lead to profound transformations for the dreamer and group members. In these seminars, we will explore both approaches, working with participants’ dreams and learning from a
discussion of the work.
Fee: $150 per Seminar
5 CEUs for each 5-hour seminar (eligible for Continuing Education for LP, MHC & CAT)
To register: To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

True Love: A Dialogic Approach to Working with Couples
with Arleen Maiorano, LCSW, DCSW, LP
2 Fridays, 6-9pm, July 28 and August 4, 6 CE hours
Drawing from the writings of Martin Buber, we will explore the path toward the I-Thou meeting within the couple's relationship and its potential for the facilitation of "true love." Using case examples and structured Imago Relationship dialogues, we will discuss how to move from a protective style rooted in unhealed childhood trauma toward a mutual experience of curiosity, empathy, and respectful and ultimately healing dialogue. This workshop is also open to siblings, parents and children, and other dyadic relationships.
Fee for the 2 sessions: $175
6 CEUs
To register: To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Explore Your Family of Origin
with Susan Friedberg, LCSW, LP
Saturday, 10am – 3pm, 5 CE hours
February 25, 2017
Using Experiential, Gestalt and Systemic principles, we will use Family Sculpting and Dyadic
Choreography to explore family relationships in your family of origin or current family situation and the interface of the past and present. Useful for self exploration or for professionals who wish to increase their therapeutic repertoire.
Fee: $80
5 CEUs
To register: call To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Gestalt Group Therapy Basics
with Patricia Tucker, LCSW, LP

3 Saturdays 10:00am- 2:00pm, 12 CE hours
April 29; May 20; June 10, 2017
This experiential and didactic class teaches participants
the basics of Gestalt group therapy theory. Included are
specific elements of structure necessary to create and
maintain a well-functioning Gestalt therapy group that
highlights participants' interactional patterns and
deepens authentic communication.
Fee: $250.00 (10% discount for GAP graduates)
12 CEUs (Participants must attend all 3 sessions;
(eligible for Continuing Education for LP, MHC & CAT)
To register: To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Harm Reduction Strategies
with Todd Senzon, MA, LP
Saturday, 10 - 2pm, 4 CE hours for each separate course date
February 25 or May 20, 2017
This course will focus on how mental health professionals can use Harm Reduction strategies to address substance use. Phenomenological assessment of substance use, identification of strengths, and evaluation of the subjective experience of harmful consequences are used to engage clients in self-directed management. Case material will be explored to practice using harm reduction tools towards behavior change.
Fee:  $200
4 CEUs (eligible for Continuing Education for LP, MHC & CAT)
to register: To register: call (212)689-7740 or email

Advanced Supervision Group
with Connie Newman, LMHC, LCAT, LP

Saturdays 12:00pm - 5:00pm
November 4 & December 2, 2017
This group, designed for experienced clinicians,
integrates lectures on Gestalt Theory with case
examples from members’ private practices and
worksettings. (Admission is at the discretion of the instructor)
Fee: $200
10 CEUs (eligible for Continuing Education for LP, MHC & CAT)
To register: call (914)262-9344 or email
Location: West Village, NYC

Theory and Supervision Group: A Somatic Perspective
with Ruella Frank, PhD
Fridays 4:00pm - 5:30pm
February 24; March 10; May 12 & June 2, 2017
In this four session series, we will analyze the micromovements that emerge within the relational field and that are significant to the organizing of meaning. Participants will explore their patients’ postural, gestural and breathing styles, as well as heighten awareness of their own movement patterns.
Fee: $255
To register: call (212)662-3322 or email
Location: 124 West 93rd Street, #2C (between Amsterdam & Columbus Aves.)

Psychoanalytic Courses Eligible for Social Work and Psychoanalysis CEUs:
Dreaming, Dream Analysis, & Dreamwork:
This course will review historical ways of thinking about and approaching dreams and theories of the psychology and physiology of the dreaming process. We will learn about Freudian, Jungian, and Gestalt approaches to dream analysis, interpretation and dreamwork, with a focus on exploring their similar goals of uncovering and understanding unconscious processes. We will especially attend to the differences between interpretive and experiential ways of working with dreams, utilizing case material and working with students' dreams during the practicum hours. 
15 hours, $450                  
Susan Jurkowski, LCSW, LP   
Saturdays, February 25; March 18; April 1; 1 – 6pm
15 CEUs

Resistance, Transference, Countertransference, Existential Issues:
This course will examine transference/countertransference/resistance in its historical context as it emerged from an intrapsychic individualist model and developed into a model focusing on the emerging structure of the situation. We will analyze the influence of phenomenology, gestalt psychology, and existentialism, as they relate to the innovations of Gestalt therapy. Clinical material will be presented to exemplify contemporary Gestalt therapy’s use of transference/counter-transference as a functioning of the contact-boundary in a psychotherapeutic meeting.
10 hours, $300                 
Instructor: Daniel Bloom, JD, LCSW            
Saturdays, February 11, March 4 & 25; 1 – 4:20pm
10 CEUs

Developmental Theory, Attachment:
Attachment Theory is a psychological theory that provides a descriptive & empirical framework for interpersonal relationships throughout the life span. The central theme of Attachment Theory is that the infant-caregiver relationship informs styles of attachment which impact behaviors later in life. This course explores the work of John Bowlby, the first attachment theorist; Mary Ainsworth and her ground-breaking “strange situation” study, Margaret Main, & John Fonagy. The implications for psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and parental support are addressed. 
15 hours, $450  
Connie Newman, LMHC, LCAT, LP            
Saturdays, March 11; April 15, May 13; 12 – 5pm
15 CEUs

Case Seminar, The Person-in-Relation:
This seminar will examine the individual cases of participants, focusing on the patient’s relationships. We will look at the patient’s early development and explore its impact of on the dynamics of the patient’s adult relationships. We will look at the patient’s attempts to repair early fragmentations or to “close” unfinished gestalts, focusing on their choice of relationships and patterns of interacting within their relationships. Each seminar participant will present a written case summary, exploring the specific dynamics of one or more primary relationships. 
10 hours, $300  
Instructor: Arleen Maiorano, LCSW, LP                        
Fridays, April 14 & 28; 6 – 9:00pm & Saturday, April 8; 12 – 4pm
10 CEUs

Ethical Considerations in Analytic Practice:
Intrinsic to ethical practice is the therapist’s respect both for the patient and for the complex and profound relationship, the “space between,” that is co-created by the patient/therapist meeting. We will discuss the philosophical, legal, & professional foundations that come together to form the core of current ethical practice.                              
15 hours, $450                  
Instructor: Arleen Maiorano, LCSW, LP        
Fridays, June 9 & 30; July 14, & 21, 6 – 9:45
15 CEUs

Case Seminar, Case Studies through the Life Cycle of Treatment:
In this course, students read examples & then present their own cases surrounding the following topics: Beginnings: Introductions and Engagement; Middle Phase: Core Issues & Major Theme Development; Transference and Countertransference; & Endings: Termination Issues in Treatment. 
10 hours, $300  
Patricia Tucker, LCSW, LP & Connie Newman, LCAT, LMHC, LP    
Sat’s, 9/23 & 10/7; 11am – 4pm
10 CEUs

To Register for All Courses: call 212-689-7740 or email

Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy is approved by the NYS Board for Social Work as a provider of Continuing Education, #SW-0041, and by the NYS Board for Mental Health Practitioners as a provider of Continuing Education for Mental Health Counseling, #MHC-0018, Psychoanalyis, #P-0020, and Creative Arts Therapy, #CAT-0007.

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