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An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy

by Gary Yontef, from Awareness, Dialogue & Process:

Gestalt Therapy: An Informational Interview with Alan Cohen

Download the interview here.

Erv Polster March 2011 Workshop


In March 2011, Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy hosted a weekend workshop with Erving Polster, PhD. We are pleased to offer a set of four DVD’s from this workshop, which contain a number of live demonstration sessions, as well as discussion of the theoretical and experiential considerations in his work.

Since the early 1950’s, Erv has been practicing Gestalt Psychotherapy and passing on his skill, knowledge, and wisdom. In these DVD’s, Erv demonstrates his humanistic, relational style of Gestalt therapy, embodying authentic dialogue, and meeting his clients with his warmth, directness, humor, and integrity. This engages a process in which the clients can find and embody those qualities within themselves.

We hope that you will enjoy and learn from this experience.

You can order this by emailing us at

The fee for the 4-volume set is $75 for Mental Health Professionals, $65 for GAP Graduates, & $50 for Trainees.

Books and Articles by Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy Faculty


Daniel Bloom

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Ruella Frank

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Richard Shrobe

Richard Shrobe: Open Mouth Already a Mistake, Primary Point Press, May 1997

Richard Shrobe: Don’t Know Mind: The Spirit of Korean Zen, Shambala Pub.May 2004

Other Books and Article About Gestalt Therapy

Grandinetti, Deborah: “Gestalt: The Therapy That Insists You Be Here Now.” Your Personal Best, June1991.

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Beisser: The Paradoxical Theory of Change (Download)

Tobin: Relational Gestalt and EMDR (Download)

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The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy
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Alumni Association of Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy (AAGAP)
This membership organization of Gestalt Associate for Psychotherapy graduates sponsors seminars, reading groups, practicum groups, and peer supervision.

The New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy
This New York area membership organization is dedicated to the ongoing study of Gestalt Theory and practice.

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