The Core Curriculum

Experiential work forms the core of our training curriculum. The candidate will observe actual sessions done by training staff, and will work as a supervised therapist, both with an ongoing clinical caseload and in varied practicum settings.

Gestalt Therapy Practicum

During practicum sessions, trainees do actual therapy sessions with one another in small groups while supervised by faculty members. Discussion of the session immediately follows and may include theoretical issues, developmental issues, personal blocks, and suggestions for growth.

Demonstration Hour

Various members of the training staff work individually with candidates in each level, providing the opportunity to demonstrate the application of Gestalt theory to Gestalt therapy. A discussion period follows each session.

Clinical Internship

Beginning in Level II, students will treat clients from our clinic under the supervision of a faculty member. These clients may remain with the student after graduation from the institute.

Weekend Workshop in Gestalt Therapy

Each year, candidates are required to participate in one weekend workshop in intensive Gestalt Therapy conducted by staff members.

Intensive Training Workshop

Trainees in levels one and two attend a four-day intensive training workshop during the summer or early fall. Candidates have an opportunity to work as supervised psychotherapists and to experience intensive personal psychotherapy.

Intensive Training Weekend Workshop

A weekend intensive training workshop is held during the spring term for upper level trainees.

Supervision in Gestalt Therapy

Supervision takes place in small groups, which meet for forty sessions during the calendar year. Candidates present their clinic cases to the supervisor, utilizing audio and video tapes.